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Why You Should See The Lion King!

Author SaadiqahSaadiqah, July 12th, 2023

Find out what the audience has to say about The Lion King.

Hakuna Matata! Where do we start with The Lion King? The Disney movie is legendary and the musical is not only one of the longest running musicals but one of the best. Winning six Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Choreography, and eight Drama Desk Awards. In 2019 they made a remake of the first movie, which included BIG names like Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, the queen B, Beyonce, the hilarious Seth Rogen and the original voice of Mufasa and Star Wars Darth Vader James Earl Jones.

Now not everyone has been able to experience the epicness of The Lion King or not sure if the musical is just as good as the movies, so here are reviews from the audience on their experience.

Audience reviews


"Lion King is my favorite Disney movie, and I didn't think it could get any better -- until we saw the musical. The costumes were beautiful, I loved all the bright colors! And they added a few songs, which were all amazing! I love Kissy Simmons, she's such a beautiful performer. The entire cast was magnificent, and I was very impressed by the kids playing young Simba and Nala especially. I bought the soundtrack at intermission, and it's still one of my favorites... besides Phantom and Wicked. :) The costumes were my favorite part, but the entire show was brilliant! 10 stars!"

EXCELLENT SHOW.... Janet from Cheshire, United Kingdom

"What can I say...an excellent show with an outstanding cast. My sister-in-law saw the same show in Florida and it was staged completely different, enjoyed this more. You must go and see this."

THE KING IS A LION Alex Karpinski from USA

"The Lion King, How should I put this? It's more, understandable than the movie because they follow everything, they never miss a line, I mean.. it's a childrens theatre spectical. I went with my two sisters, my mom, dad, and grandma. I can tell you, there is no show better than Lion King. Better than Beauty and the Beast it was wonderful. Please pick Lion King to be your favorite. I LOVED IT!"

IT BLEW ME AWAY! Karen, Southampton from United Kingdom.

"This is without doubt the best show I have ever seen in my life - absolutely outstanding - full of colour, surprises and the most wonderful singing and music, which really touches the soul. I can't wait to see it again and can't recommend it highly enough."

TOO MANY WORDS. Greer from Bahamas

"This show had me laughing, had me close to tears, and just had me in awe. I've watched the movie a million times, but this is a completely different experience. My heart was racing. Beautiful costumes and props, choreography was phenomenal. If you're thinking about seeing it, don't think, just go!!!!!"

Don't know the story of The Lion King?

Described as "Hamlet with fur", we open to the dawn rejoicing of all the animals of the savanna, as a new lion prince is born to the benevolent King Mufasa and his queen Sarabi. The cub, Simba, grows up into a lively and feckless youngster who gets into trouble with his childhood friend Nala, Together the two cubs play and discover their homeland in a series of adventures until one day King Mufasa is tragically murdered by his brother Scar. Simba is usurped by his evil uncle and retreats to the jungle to grow up with the sharp-witted meerkat Timon and his big-hearted wildebeest buddy Pumba.

Flash forward to years later, and this trio have become firm friends, spending their time roaming the land and getting into all sorts of hi-jinks. Yet Simba knows that one day he must face up to his destiny, and when he learns of the terrible havoc wreaked by Scar, he sets out to reclaim his throne and restore peace to the animal kingdom.


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